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Episode 50: Qdoba Presents: The Mexican Standoff

The gang is officially corporate with the first episode under the direction of Qdoba Multimedia Incorporated. Find out why Joe hates salsa verde, why Mason is in Maryland, and learn all about Producer Shawn's brief stint with sobriety. The guys then get hit with a wave of spicy interruptions including some heartwarming fan mail and strict orders from upper management as things are clearly still "under construction" and lost in translation.

This episode was brought to you by Qdoba. Go get yourself some Knockout Tacos and try our Queso Diablo! "We live for food."


The guys issue an emergency press conference to detail the breaking news of Football and Stuff being acquired by Qdoba Multimedia Incorporated, presented by Qdoba.

Go get your hands on some Knockout Tacos and be sure to try the new Queso Diablo available for a limited time only at any of the many fine Qdoba locations!


Episode 49: Happy Birthday

Producer Shawn is sent away on a booze-related cruise, so Joe and Mason celebrate Football & Stuff's 1st birthday debating whether or not Game of Thrones is worth watching. Later we did into the vault for Producer Shawn's ultra-hilarious new segment "Names and Datesgate" in which the gang tries their best to get themselves on a terrorist watch list.


Football Update!

An important football update brought to you by the guys at Football & Stuff! Topping the charts this week: Phil Collins Kaepernick, Ezekiel Elliot Smith, and Jay Z Cutler!

Sorry Mason was using a microphone made out of a tin can full of farts again.


Episode 48: Draft Things Hall of Fame Special

This week's episode is a birthday present for Martha Stewart, Tom Brady, Mason "Lucky Charms" Garland, and Karlie Kloss!

We present a full hour of Joe and Shawn trying to beat each other in an unbelievably contrived game based on guessing the ages of dead people. Who wouldn't want that?

Happy Birthday!

Intro: Thursday In The Danger Room by Run The Jewels


Episode 47: True Crime & Stuff

The hosts of The Football & Stuff Podcast have gone missing after receiving a threatening email from someone using the alias "American Tittlage".

In this, the season premier of Serial, Sarah Koenig dives into a world of football, alcoholism, dead pets, and gay orphans to figure out what happened to Mason, Joe, and Producer Shawn.


Episode 46: Root Root Root

An apology, a death threat, a nuclear threat, and a variety of coherent rants about rooting for the home team. Also apparently Shawn went to a UB40 concert.

Intro: Dmitri Shostakovich - Waltz No. 2 by Dmitri Shostakovich


Episode 45: A Truly Tasteless 1st of July

Producer Shawn turns to poetry, Mason dishes out a history lesson, and Joe goes on a field trip as the guys do their homework to teach you all about their new favorite teams. After cracking some jokes at Canada's expense on Canada Day, the gang then dissects a New York Times Bestseller, Truly Tasteless Jokes, which may offend Fred Astaire and some Polish listeners.

Intro: Blame Canada 8-Bit by Trey Parker

Outro: Ruff Ryders Anthem by DMX


Episode 44: Which CFL Team Are You?

The NFL just HATES this one simple trick to avoiding off-season boredom. #6 just left me speechless... Yeah, we go full clickbait in this one, folks. But don't worry- we still spend about 10 minutes talking about hypothetical animal fights.

Canadian Music: Mama Said by Cat Clyde, Heartaches by Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians, Sweet City Woman by Stampeders


Episode 43: Say My Name

A quick rant about the NBA Finals, a long list of dead people, and an in-depth guide on how to kill bears and horses.

Intro: Ode to Viceroy by Mac DeMarco


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